SurgicalMeds provides its members preferred access and consistent pricing to critical medications that are in short supply for ambulatory surgical centers, surgical hospitals and health care facilities nationwide. We have an exclusive network of highly certified sterile compounding pharmacies across the country to provide a quick turnaround and reliable delivery of the medications you need in the quantity, format and dosage you specify.

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The medical community is facing a crisis: the shortage of critical, lifesaving medications. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the number of drug shortages annually has more than tripled since 2005. In 2011 alone, a record 267 new drug shortages were reported in the U.S., including everything from anti-coagulants and analgesics to chemotherapeutics and cardiovascular medications. This issue has especially impacted surgical centers due to numerous shortages of anesthetics required for surgeries.

SurgicalMeds minimizes the impact of these shortages for providers and patients by supplying compounded medications to ambulatory surgical centers, surgical hospitals and other health care facilities.

The sterile compounding pharmacies that are part of the SurgicalMeds network all pass and maintain the most stringent certification standards to ensure sterility, quality, accreditation, and reliability.


Drug Name(s) Updated
Atropine 1/20/15
Bupivacaine 1/20/15
Calcium Chloride 1/20/15
Calcium Gluconate 1/20/15
Dexamethasone 1/20/15
Dextrose 1/20/15
Diazepam 1/20/15
Epinephrine 1/20/15
Fentanyl 1/20/15
Hydromorphone 1/20/15
Lidocaine 1/20/15
Magnesium Sulfate 1/20/15
Metoclopramide 1/20/15
Midazolam 1/20/15
Morphine 1/20/15
Neostigmine 1/20/15
Ondansetron 1/20/15
Potassium Acetate 1/20/15
Potassium Chloride 1/20/15
Potassium Phosphate 1/20/15
Sodium Acetate 1/20/15
Sodium Bicarbonate 1/20/15
Sodium Chloride 4/10/13
Succinylcholine 1/20/15